Relaxing Services

Step away from stress with our Tranquility Massage or Reiki.

Rates: $35.00 for 30 minutes, $70.00 for 60 minutes, $105.00 for 90 minutes

Prepay for 6 sessions and save with our value package rates

30 Minute Session.....$180.00 (save $30)
60 Minute Session.....$360.00 (save $60)
90 Minute Session.....$540.00 (save $90)

Tranquility Massage

This relaxing massage allows your mind to check out and your body to let go of stress. The therapist's pressure will be light to moderate with light kneading, long sweeping strokes and gentle stretching. (Please note: Our intention with this massage is for total relaxation, not assessment of muscle tightness or imbalances. The therapist's pressure should always be within your comfort level.)

  • Reduce muscular tension
  • Reduce mental and physical fatigue from stress
  • Promote relaxation



Reiki is calming energy work which subtly stimulates the body's own healing mechanism. Reiki can aid in relieving stress, pain, migraines, & lethargy and has been known to be helpful for people suffering with chronic pain.

  • Accelerates the body's self-healing abilities
  • Supports the immune system
  • Promotes better sleep


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Due to the nature of our business, we are not always readily available to assist "drop-in" clientele. Please call ahead or use the icon below to schedule online.