Rehabilitating Services

These services are goal specific such as to aid in recovery from an injury, improve sports performance, restore postural alignment, or reduce pain. Your therapist will assess your needs and incorporate stretching, neuromuscular techniques or other advanced modalities to assist you in optimizing your health and overall functional status.

(Please Note: Rehabilitating massage does not have to be painful and there are light pressure techniques we can use. Pressure can range from light, moderate or deep. The therapist's pressure should always be within your tolerance. Please communicate with your therapist so that the pressure is right for your needs.)

Rates: $45.00 for 30 minutes, $90.00 for 60 minutes, $135.00 for 90 minutes

Prepay for 6 sessions and save with our value package rates

30 Minute Session.....$240.00 (save $30)
60 Minute Session.....$480.00 (save $60)
90 Minute Session.....$720.00 (save $90)

stone massage Neuromuscular / Trigger Point Release
Trigger points, more commonly known as knots, are small areas of tension in the muscles.  This tension creates toxic build-up in the area causing pain.  Neuromuscular massage incorporates pressure point techniques and deep tissue massage to eliminate the trigger point and flush out the toxins in the tissue.  Your therapist will always monitor the pressure used so that it is within your tolerance.

  • Eleviate muscle spasms
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved circulation


Sports Massage
Sports Massage Sports massage combines massage techniques and stretching to help enhance your athletic performance and assist in preventing injury. Focus is given to specific muscles based on your sport or fitness activity and needs.

  • Improved athletic performance
  • Reduce potential injury
  • Increased rate of recovery


Myofascial Release (MFR)
MFR is a gentle form of bodywork that involves locating soft tissue restrictions due to trauma or muscle imbalances.  Once the restricted area is located, your therapist will provide gentle mobilization and localized stretching.  This in turn will allow the tissue to relax and realign in a more normalized pattern.

• Decreased connective tissue adhesions
• Improved muscle function
• Improved postural alignment


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