Oncology Massage

Rejuvenations Professional Massage is a proud participant in the Annie's Helping Hands Oncology Program through the Annie's Angel's Memorial Fund. Though this program eligible clients can receive (1) one-hour massage or (2) half-hour massages per month. Clients must present a medical note of clearance from their physician before services can be performed. Massage services are provided by the following therapist: Lauren Roberts, Karen Drelick, Amanda Rowe and Pamela Zaikowski-Noyes.

What is Annie's Helping Hands?
Annie's Helping Hands is a multidisciplinary non-profit oncology program that is sponsored by Annie’s Angels Memorial Fund. Participants of the program can receive massage sessions, facials and meditation classes free of charge. Services are provided by professionals with training for oncology in their field.

Who can participate in the program?
The Annie's Helping Hands program is open to residents of Rockingham and Strafford counties who are currently receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment, are within a three month period of ending chemotherapy or radiation therapy, or are currently preparing for or recovering from cancer related surgery. One primary caregiver of the oncology client can also receive a one-time complimentary one-hour massage, Soothing facial and meditation class.

For More information about Annie's Helping Hands or about Annie's Angel's Memorial Fund go to www.AnniesAngels.net or call us at 603-775-7855

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Due to the nature of our business, we are not always readily available to assist "drop-in" clientele. Please call ahead or use the icon below to schedule online.